10 Rounds with the Callaway Chrome Soft

April 14, 2015 0

Back last year when I first heard of Callaway Golf’s Chrome Soft golf ball it didn’t strike me as anything special but as more information became available my interest grew. It really got my attention […]

Dawgs Win Redhawk Invitational At Chambers Bay

April 8, 2015 0

No. 10 Washington earned it second victory of the season, dominating the Redhawk Invitational, played at Chambers Bay, site of the 2015 U.S. Open. The Dawgs finished the week at 14-over 854 to beat second-place […]

The Latest Golf Movie–”The Squeeze”

April 6, 2015 0

By Ed Travis As everyone from the movie’s publicists to bloggers reviewing this film for the first time have pointed out, ”The Squeeze” is a golf movie with characters that really can play golf, meaning […]

Breakfast Food For Champions

April 2, 2015 0

A common breakfast food for many, eggs are versatile, delicious and filled with health benefits. Unfortunately, inaccurate studies gave eggs a bad reputation for increasing cholesterol. To unscramble the myths, eating eggs may actually increase […]

Q&A with Jerry Fehr

April 2, 2015 0

Editor’s Note: Contributor Craig Smith caught up recently with Northwest golfing legend and President of the Washington Junior Golf Association Jerry Fehr Q: You are 81 years old and you have no idea how many […]

Does Your GRIP Match Your SWING?

April 2, 2015 0

It’s not just swing movements that cause slices and hooks – even if you had a perfect swing, if you have a weak grip position, you can still slice the ball. If you have a […]

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