4 Golf Tips You Can Implement With Almost No Effort


As a diverse sport, there are a lot of golf tips circulated on any media for various skill levels.

We have received quite a lot of suggestions to provide some tips that will be easy to implement. To accommodate those requests, today we have compiled some of the best, easy to implement golf tips you can use virtually instantly.

Let us begin with the first one.

1. Stay In Your Special K

What is the special K? It is basically the reverse-K shape maintained by your back leg before the swing.

To create this posture, bend your back leg forward from the hip sockets, and back from below the knees. With this correct special K posture, it creates more room for your arms to swing.

To assess the correct posture, you should be capable of drawing a straight line from your tip of the elbow to the top of your spine, and another line from the knee down to the ball.

2. Easy Slice Fix: Don’t Stop The Turn

If you slice often, the most common mistake is putting the ball position too far forward. So, the first thing you should try is to put the ball above inset, in line with your shirt logo.

If that still doesn’t work, another common problem is the turn of your swing, causing you to hook the ball. To easily fix this problem, turn harder through the impact after your swing. Most hooks are caused when you slow down the turn after hitting the ball, snapping the face closed.

By turning your whole body to the left toward the target, you will avoid this issue. Shift a bit to the left as you start, with your chest pointing to the ball, and turn hard to the left.

3. Work on Your Long Distance Putts

Most of the time, your first putt is quite far from the hole, and most beginners neglect the importance of practicing long distance putts. If your long putt is not on point, the ball might end up too far from the hole. With say, 6 feet from the hole, the second putt will be quite difficult to make.

However, with a nice, long first putt, you can easily two-putt the whole. So, here is our very powerful tip for the practice green: work on long-distance putting.

4. Perfect Your Swing Form

What is the secret of powerful and accurate swing? It is the form.

Yes, there are many factors that can determine a swing form, but there is a surefire tip to improve your swing. This swing tip, we believe, will be useful for players of any levels. The key? the positioning of your left shoulder.

First, when taking your normal address, note the position of your left shoulder. Remember this position, and swing the club back. Your shoulder should not move during your chin, although it is not that critical.

The important part is your down swing. Concentrate on returning the left shoulder to your starting position. This does two important things: first, you will get a clean contact with the ball. Second, it stops a common bad swinging habit, which is leaning too much on your right side.

Bottom Line

We sure hope these easy tips will be useful in improving your game, as they have improved ours before. Please don’t hesitate to leave any questions or suggestions in the comment section below, and please do help us share this article with your fellow golfers.

Jordan Fuller has visited almost all of America’s best golf courses. From these visits, he has met with golfers of all levels and now shares his knowledge of the field online through resourceful articles. His objective is to make you a better golfer.

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