Q & A with Alvin Kwak

Alvin Kwak

Alvin Kwak
Mukilteo, WA.
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1.) I started by going to a summer golf camp at Columbia Super Range when I was eight years old and when I first moved to the US from Korea. This camp was a way for me to make new friends. To this day, I still learn from the same coach, Kevin Mackay, who taught at the camp.

2.) On the golf course, I learned that golf is all about mental game. I experienced my game changing so much in the same round. My keys to consistency include simply having fun, playing with confidence, and enjoying the game.

3.) From playing golf, I realized how important it is for me to stay patient. Nothing seems to turn out well when I’m impulsive.

4.) I love the process of getting better everyday, while also knowing how hard this game is.

5.) I would like to go to a D1 university that is top in academics and also has a great golf program that can help me reach a professional level.

6.) Just enjoy the game and don’t ever give up because it is going to get better and better. It’s the greatest game ever!

7.) Because Washington Junior Golf events have strong, competitive fields, I learned a lot about playing under pressure.

8.)Tumble Creek Golf Course

9.) I would consider the highlights of my career to be both competing in the best junior tournaments– like the US Junior Amateur– and also playing with the top ranked players in the world, It’s so much fun being paired with junior “pros” and learning from their game.



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