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Antigua_Womens_May17Although there a lot of folks who make their living at it, I don’t pretend to even vaguely comprehend the arcane language and intricately nuanced and subtle differentiations between cuts and fabrics, and blends and weaves, and ‘tech innovations’ of today’s golf shirts and tops. What I do understand is what the women in my family and my women friends tell me about their likes and dislikes about golf apparel. Over the years, the latter have predominated.

But, there are fashion brands that get it. Brands that understand that like men, women golfers not only want but need game day outfits that are primarily functional. This clothing must allow for free swing movement, coolness or warmth (depending on the season) – and help you look good on the course and after the round.

The Antigua Group has been at it for more than three decades, and has it well figured out. The 2017 Spring Sleeveless collection is case in point. Senior designer Danielle Dellios explains the ‘Goldilocks Rule’ to describe Antigua’s fit policy. “The armhole opening cannot be too deep, nor too shallow, it must be just right.” She works with models to ensure women of all body types can feel comfortable wearing Antigua.

There were also several things I didn’t know, despite decades of marriage to a golfer and our two golfing daughters. According to Dellios, some key factors in developing a perfectly fitting sleeveless style includes establishing an appropriate across-chest measurement and armhole depth. From the top of the shoulder down to the bottom of the armhole, the shape of the armhole must follow the natural shape of a women’s body, curving in just enough in the right places so as not to interfere with arm movement or, curving in too much and therefore showing the sides of a bra.

There you have it. The Antigua Spring Sleeveless Collection: Jewel (one-of-a-kind geometric jacquard Desert Dry moisture wicking fabric); Trust (a lightweight poly/spandex fabric that offers sophisticated styling); Mischief (asymmetrical cut and sew front panel features a three-color geometric printed top panel), Mischief (mixed media with the lower half of the body uses a solid color lightweight closed mesh fabric), and Avail (tonal striped poly/spandex fabric is ultra-soft).

From any perspective, the keys are comfort and freedom for athletic movement. The fact that the new Antigua sleeveless collection looks great is a very nice bonus. Check it out at


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