September Golf Gear: Antigua Women’s Spring 2018

As a newspaper and magazine journalist for most of my so-called ‘adult’ life, I’ve lived by the old saying: nothing like a hanging in the morning to focus one’s attention. It is the ink-stained wretch’s fate to live on that edge. Honestly, without a pressing deadline, not much typing would be done.

And so, as I’ve had the pleasure of coming to know two very talented apparel designers, and having had the chance to meet a number of others, I am amazed in each and every case at their ability to accomplish their art so far in advance. The latest example is the very cool women’s line from Antigua of, wait for it, the Spring of 2018!

I appreciate that most women, at least every one I know, are unlike my male brethren in that they don’t Christmas shop on Christmas Eve. And so for them, having the Spring line previewed in September is, well, right on time.

As usual, the Antigua collection is great looking, stylish, functional, and creative.

The new short sleeve polo styles, named Wildfire, feature a “cotton-like closed mesh poly heather fabric with a holographic printed box pattern as an accent at the top of each sleeve.”  The short sleeve polo Beam also has holographic prints trend with a multi-colored foil print all-over the garment.

The Snapshot stylings feature an all-over print mixing the bold and soft colors that Antigua explains have “a set-in sleeve and basic button placket, letting the print be the main focus of the style.”  There’s also Beyond appealing to women not quite ready to wear an all-over print offering soft shades with printed side inset panels.  Kaleidoscope sleeveless polos feature an all-over abstract swirl print using all of the soft shades showcasing the 60’s inspired print design, a youthful pattern for the younger demographic.

Sleeveless Digital features “a super soft heather jacquard dotted stripe fabric in bolder colors with a pop accent stripe. The fabric was created to mimic the feel of cotton while maintaining the wash and wear-ability of poly.”

Once again, Antigua offers something very cool for every woman golfer, and to my mind, way ahead of deadline.

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