Are you new to the game of golf?

KGJ-273x300Being new to the game of golf can be quite intimidating. In this article, I’d like to explore some of the more challenging concerns of the new player as he or she is getting started. 

Practice and Lessons

  • Should you take golf lessons? Yes! There is a lot to be gained from the wealth of experience of a good instructor. She or he should make you feel comfortable and help you expand upon your knowledge, all the while helping you to fine-tune and build your skills.
  • How do you find a golf instructor? The internet is a great resource for this. However, word of mouth from a friend or family member is a more reliable source. Call a golf facility and ask about their programs and staff. After you settle on an instructor, try one lesson and see if it’s a good fit. Once you’ve found a good instructor, you can then plan out a more customized lesson plan.
  • How much do golf lessons cost? Lessons vary in price. Group lessons are less expensive, more fun, and you may meet someone you can play golf with on a regular basis in the future. Individual lessons give you one-on-one guidance and allow your instructor to focus more on your specific needs and areas of improvement.

On the Course

  • How long does it take to play a round of golf? Nine holes usually takes about 2 ¼ hours and eighteen holes should take around 4 ½ hours.
  • How much does it cost to play a round of golf? This depends on the facility. Public golf courses are less expensive than a private membership club or resort. Smaller golf courses or par three places are a great way to introduce you to the game and are typically less stressful for a beginner. Ask for the twilight rates in the evenings and play three or four holes. This is a great way to get your feet wet.
  • Which set of tees on the tee box should I use? At first, start out at the forward tee markers. It shortens every hole you play and is more enjoyable. As your skill level increases, challenge yourself to move a tee marker further away during your round.
  • What is golf etiquette? In simple terms; MANNERS. Etiquette includes: being polite to others, respecting the facility, and repairing any damage to the grass.
  • Do golf courses have dress codes? Most facilities require a collared shirt, nice slacks, and nice shorts/skorts.

Rules of Golf

Before and After the Round

  • How do you make a tee time? Scheduling a tee time is similar to making a dinner reservation at a restaurant. Simply call the golf shop of your choice and ask them how to make a reservation. They will gladly walk you through the process and instruct you how to do so.

Golf Clubs

  • How much do golf clubs cost? It’s easier to learn the game properly if you own your own clubs. There are several budget prices and brands. Like a cell phone; try a flip phone at first and then upgrade as your skill level improves. Kits range from $250 up to name brands into the thousands.
  • What kind should you have? I highly recommend taking a lesson first before you buy. The instructor is a valuable resource and can guide you toward the optimal golf clubs for you.
  • Who should you talk with about golf clubs? A qualified golf professional will be happy to share their knowledge about clubs, their love for the game, and be thrilled to help make your golf experience the best it can be.

Bring someone else into this game. It’s a lot more fun to get out there and enjoy the game among friends!   Enjoy and get Golf Results Now.

Kathy Gildersleeve-Jensen is the 2014 PGA National Teacher of the Year.

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