Aussie Chiller

During the dankest, darkest, coldest Pacific Northwest so-called Spring in living memory, the chance to escape to the Bahamas was irresistible. But, the invite carried with it a few problems; where were the golf shirts carefully packed away months earlier, what section of the crawl space secreted the ClubGlider, and how relevant is the expiry date on sunscreen?

There was also the issue of headgear. After going hatless for decades, for the past few years – on the advice of a dermatologist and after a few painful treatments – a ball-cap style Callaway hat had become part of the equipment. But for this parachute from the murky 40-degree rainforest to the blistering 90 degrees of the Caribbean, I threw the Aussie Chiller in the bag.

Our daughters have agreed (rather too enthusiastically, I thought) to shoot me if they ever see me in one of those ubiquitous ‘old folks’ big hats with the chinstrap. The Aussie Chiller Bushie is full-sized with a broad brim, but it’s different. It’s comfortable and doesn’t need a strap, doesn’t look like you just staggered out of an outdoor store, and after a couple of swings, you forget you have it on.

The Aussies know a thing or two about relentless sunshine, and the damage it inflicts on exposed skin. The Chillers are rated UV 50, and are perforated for a cooling release of heated air from your hot head. And the material is virtually indestructible – I cram it in my golf bag mercilessly, and it just pops back into shape. The first time wearing it was in Jerez de la Frontera, Spain, with the warning signs of 122 degree warnings posted at public buildings. I followed the “Soak Me” instructions, running my Bushie in cold-water fountains, and learned first-hand why it’s called a Chiller.

It is a pretty cool combination of protection and style. There’s a wide variety of Bushie colors, caps, buckets, visors, and even a Hogan type called the Hogie, making the Chiller an ideal gift for Dads of all ages Check them out at and you and your dermatologist will be pleased.

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