Book Review: Pro’s Pro, Extraordinary Club Professionals Making Golf Great

cover1In his collection, Joel Zuckerman chronicles the careers of 30 golf club professionals from around the country that lends insight into the lives and careers of golf’s extraordinary heroes of  the game.  If you’re looking for what makes a club pro, this is the book for you.  If you’re looking for a book on the PGA Tour superstars we see on television, don’t buy the book.

According to Zuckerman, it is a treatise on the men and women who are the glue of the game.  The ones that are the beating heart of every golf course in America. The inside flap of the book cover states: The stories “showcase some of the most extraordinary and admired golf professionals in the land…these are the Pro’s Pros.”  Included in the book are two of the Northwest’s best: Jerry Mowlds and Bill Tindall.

A must read for all golfers from young to old, from anyone who plays the game to aspiring professionals.

Zuckerman delves into what makes the club pro a club pro and profiles their path in the industry.  Each one has their own story to tell.  As much as their life paths through the fabric of golf differ, according to Zuckerman, each professional holds similar traits that are the epitome of a great golf club professional: an abiding work ethic; sound business sense; respect of their peers; admiration and affection from their members and customers; a winning personality; an even-keeled disposition; and great love of and for the game.

Each profile also includes the professional’s, “Tip for Fellow Golfers,” and a “Tip for Fellow Professionals.”

Pro’s Pros is a good read, and a staple for any golfer’s book shelf.

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