Changing Putters? Change What the Putter DOES!

If you change putters, are you really changing what the putter does? In most cases you’re not changing much, but in one case, you’re changing a lot!

Hold your putter level and place your finger under the balance point on the shaft – what does the face do? Chances are it will roll to a balance point with either the toe down, on an angle, or face-up. These putters have different “toe-hang” balance points, and the face-up putter is called “face balanced”.

While the balance points are all different, they all do similar things during your stroke: in motion they are trying to get to their balance points, but because we grip the club and move the hands, we don’t notice it.

Now, if you really want a putter that IS different, try the new Directed Force putter developed by Bill Presse! This putter has no “balance bias” – in other words, it does not have a toe-balance or face-balance – it is ALL balanced. So when you swing it, the face will stay square to the path. It does not seek a different balance when in motion!

So how is this beneficial? Imagine making a good stroke but always having the putter trying to move to a different balance point during the swing. Is this consistency? It’s not a good thing on a downhill left-to-right slider 12 foot slider…Enter the Directed Force putter: it will not try to move to a different balance – it IS balanced!

But that’s not all. The grip is different too. It has an oblong “football” shape to it, with the points in the direction of play. A great reference for making the stroke go to the hole.

And you’ll notice that the grip is not mounted on the shaft straight… Whaaat?

That’s right – this is also a big key to the putter. The shaft goes into the grip on an angle of 3 degrees that “pre-presses” the putter so the player doesn’t have to forward press the putter to get it in the proper playing position.

And what about that face being ahead of the shaft, instead of offset behind it, or the rounded rear portion of the club and the narrow connection? This is where the force is directed – through this connection from the back to the front of the putter. Not to mention those V-cut aiming lines just above the face that help you aim…

How does this add up? Well, I’m as skeptical as they come as far as new equipment is concerned. If drivers always went 10 yards farther every year we would all be hitting it over 500 yards. But, it is because of the balance and the grip the Directed Force putter is completely different from the start.

And custom fitting, you might ask? The DF putter is Lie-Angle Balanced, meaning when you change lie angles the putter must be re-balanced properly. Lie and length combine for a custom fit that along with 2 grip sizes make for a putter that is balanced for your set-up and putting stroke.

Here you have a fully balanced putter with a novel grip shape and installation that is customized to your length and lie… Now all you have to do is get out and roll one! But I’ll have to warn you that if you try one, you’re going to want one…

Full disclosure: I am the Oregon rep for the region south of Portland, and the Portland rep is Jerry Mowlds, at Pumpkin Ridge. When I first rolled this putter I knew it was special and signed on to be the rep as soon as I could. This putter IS different – it feels different, and it rolls the ball so well – call me for a fitting and demo!

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