Flat Cat Solution

In the olden days, my grandfather showed me how to unwrap a leather putter grip, stick a piece of doweling down the shaft, fill that couple of inch gap with sand, and wrap it back up. The weight in the top of the putter grip gave a feeling of enhanced control of the blade. Loved it. A couple of years ago, I took it to the extreme, filling the entire shaft of a beat-up Ping with sand, and putting five wraps under the grip. That thing is a beast, perfect on torn-up pitch and putt greens in a Pacific NW winter.

My grandfather’s putter grip was most likely a Lamkin. Back in 1925 Elyer Lamkin made golf’s first leather wrap grips. The slip-on rubber grips came along in 1953. The Lamkin company is still at it, and has now teamed up with Flat Cat – the grip Justin Rose displayed at The Masters (and Brandt Snedeker uses one, too) – to make the Flat Cat Solution.

The grip is so named because the four sides are flat, which helps square the putter face throughout the stroke– and most importantly at impact. Taking it a step further, Flat Cat and Lamkin now say they have helped solve the yips with the Flat Cat Solution.

Unlike the old-school butt-end weight method of granddad, the Solution, they say, has: “a weighted stainless steel cone technology positioned optimally below the hands to help eliminate the ‘yips’ and smooth out the stroke, allowing golfers at any skill level to improve their putting.” That sounds like a good thing. And, this Father’s Day, what guy wouldn’t want to improve his putting? See more on the Solution at www.FLATCATGOLF.com.


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