Great Golf Gift Idea…Just Sayin’


By Kathy Gildersleeve-Jensen, PGA
2014 PGA Teacher of the Year

With the constant evolution in today’s golf technologies and equipment, I’ve discovered a great golf product that can simplify your golf decisions. Wouldn’t it be easier if you had a little voice near your ear telling you your distance from the center of the green? Or maybe this voice could even tell you how far you actually hit your last shot. Of course, access to that information is very important in making wise decisions for great golf results. Not everyone has the privilege of having someone on hand to calculate your distances or your proximity to a specific point of reference, as a caddy would.

Well, there’s an innovative little device scheduled to launch in October 2017 that does these calculations for you (and can even whisper in your ear!). The electronic golf device is called GoGolfGPS. GoGolfGPS is a wireless audible device that attaches onto the side of your glasses or on your cap style headwear. It is so lightweight; I can’t even tell it is there. There are a lot of overpriced electronics that provide us with fantastic information, but with such a price-point it wasn’t easy for all golfers to obtain this valuable data. GoGolfGPS was created to be an affordable and straight-forward product that will give you vocal cues through a very small Bluetooth speaker, undoubtedly helping you lower your score and improve your golf game.

Here are some features of the GoGolfGPS:

  • Wireless and audible (no need to see your phone display)
  • Bluetooth paired to an App
  • Clips on your glasses, visor, or cap.
  • Accurate Distances (No more guessing!)
  • Over 30,000 courses
  • 35 different languages
  • GoGolf GPS App
  • Ability to play your music
  • Use as a Bluetooth speaker anywhere.
  • Retails for $89.99

There are more details on their website at along with many videos to highlight its many outstanding features:

There are a variety of specific reasons why I love this item. It’s affordable enough for most golfers and it’s also easy to operate, so all ages and skill levels can pick it up quite easily. The information that you hear from this device helps a player make quick and accurate judgment calls. There is also no need to fumble with awkward devices or small print that’s hard to read. The voice will indicate your yardage according to the location of your Smartphone in proximity to the target of your choice (or in simple form to the center of the green).

Golf is tough– and even tougher mentally. GoGolfGPS gives you a secret weapon to help you discretely calculate and save you time and energy figuring out your yardages   GoGolfGPS has a battery life that lasts about 5-18-hole rounds, charges with a Micro-USB port, and has a water-resistant dust cover for inclement weather.

I’m simply planting a little seed that the GoGolfGPS is a terrific gift item for that special golfer in your life who wants to improve their golf game now.

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