Golf Apparel make Great Stocking Stuffers

By Hal Quinn

Of course, clothes don’t make the golfer.  But if the weather turns, clothes sure can make a person feel better.  And the right clothes can certainly make you look good in selfies.

Another nice thing about the amazing selection of golf apparel for men and women (of all ages) is that very cool duds are pretty easy to pick out, and it’s easy to get the right size.

Women golfers used to complain that the ladies clothing section was stocked with nothing but smaller men’s sizes. Well, that’s no longer the case with incredible fashion forward collections from innovative brands. And the fashions are as high-tech as the equipment. For instance, the fabric in NIVO’s latest outerwear line has 40 UPF sun protection, moisture wicking fabric, and side stretch inserts for comfort and mobility.

And Antigua has “cotton-like closed mesh poly heather fabric” that also happens to look great.

Other great sites to browse for women’s and men’s apparel include: and,,,,,,,, and the list goes on.

There is a wide (and wild as in Loudmouth) selection that makes gift-giving to a golfer– from socks, to shorts and skorts, to shirts and polos, to rain gear– the easiest one to check off your list.

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