Golf Gear: Callaway Epic Irons

Callaway Epic IronsThere are still those walking among us who abstinently maintain that it is the archer and not the bow. No matter that one bow is bamboo and the other fiberglass. They know who they are.

In the past few decades, the bows have kept getting better. Just when you think that the lab coats have taken golf clubs to their absolute limit of efficiency and performance, along comes a rocket scientist like Dr. Alan Hocknell and all bets are off. The latest iteration has just recently come on the market, but it was years in the gestation. According to Callaway, it started when CEO, Chip Brewer asked Head of R&D, Dr. Hocknell a seemingly simple question: “If you could design the very best iron that you could play, and if you wanted maximum performance without limiting the cost or engineering process, what would that be?” To find the answer, Hocknell enlisted 70 top-level engineers with the marching orders: Groundbreaking innovations. No boundaries.

A few years later, the result: Callaway’s new Epic and Epic Pro Irons.

If the devil is in the details, these new irons are devilishly good. The irons start with Callaway’s revolutionary 360 Face Cup technology with an ultra thin rim that flexes at impact to add ball speed on flush-hits and minimize loss of speed on mis-hits. The lab folks came up with Metal-Injected Molding to precisely create intricate parts with powdered metal. Each club has an exact amount of heavy (and expensive) Tungsten engineered to lower the center of gravity on long irons for easy launch and long carry, and a higher center of gravity on shorter irons for more control. Then there is the Exo-Cage head construction (an advance on the Big Bertha OS 2017 irons) consisting of high-grade steel that stiffens the top line and sole enabling the face to handle more ‘impact’ load, or as they call it ‘energy lensing’, to maximize the rebound of the face for increased ball speed and distance. It’s all laser welded to give the engineers precise control over the center of gravity, the moment of inertia, and our old favorite, the co-efficient of restitution.

In the Epic and Epic Pro Irons, Dr. Hocknell and the gang of 70, eloquently answered CEO Brewer’s question and came up with the best bows yet. Check them out at

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