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Having never been accused, or even suspected, of being a fashionista, my sartorial evolution has been very slow and gradual. But there were always a couple of exceptions. A few years back when our daughter saw me manhandling an ironing board into the TV room, she asked her Mom what I was doing. She looked up, and without hesitation, said: “Oh, he’s either playing golf or has an interview.”

For me, it’s always been of the utmost importance to dress appropriately in respect of the game. Over the years, one of the most dramatic developments in golf has been the evolution in men’s golf shirts; for instance, the priority is no longer a breast pocket for a cigarette package. In tandem with the acknowledgment that golf polos are not just toned down bowling shirts and should be designed to accommodate the swing motion, has been the evolution of materials and fabrics. Case in point is the summer collection from Cutter & Buck.

The Seapines Stripe Polo is not only a very good-looking shirt, it has a ton of technological advancements you sure don’t see, but you do feel. The fabric is 98 % polyester and 8% Spandex for flexibility. It has UPF 50+ sun protection and CB DryTec moisture wicking. You can just throw it in the washing machine and it has a locker loop for no-brainer hanging up. That’s cool.

The same goes for the Cunningham Polo and the Friday Harbor Stripe Polo (in the $77 range). The folks at C&B put it this way: You’ll feel as good as you look. That goes for the course, an interview, or a night out. Check out the Collection at


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