Golf Gear: Exotics Hybrid

Anyone remember when they were called ‘Rescue Clubs’?

They were so-named because getting ‘rescued’ from their tee shots is what most players desperately needed. These clubs were designed like old five woods. but with rails on the bottom to cut through the rough and get the ball the heck out of there. For many years, having a rescue club in your bag meant that you weren’t asked to describe your round at the 19th.

Then computer holographic design technology came along, and a few lab coats drastically improved the rescue club back then– replacing a two or three iron. The marketing wizards knew that there was no more money in ‘Rescue’, so they coined the term ‘Hybrid.’ It wasn’t long before a few ‘hybrid-centric’ companies disappeared. But at the same time, it became okay at the grill room to say, aloud: “I nailed my hybrid.”

That was largely because the club was no longer designed just to get out of the rough. The same hyperactive technology devoted to drivers, metal woods, and irons was applied to a hybrid design. The one iron and two irons became virtually extinct (except at the Open Championship). With the three-iron endangered; high handicappers could suddenly attempt 200-yard shots from the fairway without paralyzing heart palpitations; and the world’s best players put them in their bags.

Case in point; last month’s Senior Players Championship. A player to be named later – Tour Edge policy – placed second with a prototype Exotics Hybrid. And, a couple of other guys – Majors winners – put it in their bags. This was after just a few days on the range before the Seniors Major.

So, what does it have (Note: it is not available until September, so don’t tell anyone!) that got these guys on board on the eve of a big tourney?

The Tour Prototype Exotics has been in ‘under-wraps’ development for over two years. The head is multi-material and somehow combines Beta Titanium, Hyper Steel, and Carbon Composite. These materials come together to create a penetrating ball flight that cuts through the wind with a lower spin rate and maximum accuracy.

Well, the guys at the Players Championship loved the prototype. Based on my experience with Tour Edge Exotics fairway metals, I’m looking forward to the September release of the latest hybrid, even if I have to play it from the rough.

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