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Aureus Shoes

Stylish shoe company, Aureus is not new to the golf industry, having been associated since the early 80’s with such names as PGA-major winners; Larry Mize, Scott Timpson, John Mahaffey, and the legendary Raymond Floyd– both on and off the golf course. Recently, they expanded their range of casual and lifestyle footwear. Made of Genuine Nubuck Leather, Aureus features elastic laces that never need tying, which means they slip on and off with ease, and a ‘cool’ semi-transparent tread with the Aureus logo embedded in the outsole construction that is guaranteed never to separate. They are ridiculously comfortable to boot—no pun intended. $68-$80.


Varick Golf Balls

Touted as the most attractive golf balls on the market, Varick golf balls are certainly visually compelling. They are available in eight eye-catching colors, metallic and neon-patterns, and come in both “Classic” and “Bright” assortment boxes. Enlisting the latest technology in making high performance golf balls, Varick golf balls are not only attractive but also provide players of all abilities with a quality golf ball that will give many USGA-approved golf balls a run for their money in both distance and feel. Varick Golf Balls conform with USGA rules. $36.95.



You can’t hit the links this summer without a good selection of performance polos, right? Carnoustie Sportswear has just launched their new stylish Spring/Summer ’16 Performance Knit Collection that makes you feel like you’re wearing silk while you’re actually wearing a very fine moisture-wicking anti-microbial micro polyester and Lycra. These polos provide just the right amount of stretch and wearability while out on the golf course. The spring/ summer ’16 Performance Knits are available in the Classic, Resort, and Desert collections, each with their own look and feel. $60


Phive Bar

While a hot dog and soda sometimes hits the spot when you’re hungry on the course, let’s be honest, the nutritional value is a little questionable, right? Introducing PHIVEbar, a healthy alternative that is a delicious (truly) nutrient-rich superfood bar made from nature’s best ingredients. Each ingredient is especially selected to support better health. PHIVEbar has no artificial additives, added sugars, gluten, soy, or GMO’s. PHIVEbar is a distinct blend of fruits, nuts, and seeds that work to help fuel and energize your body while on the course. Will it help your golf game? No guarantees. But improvement begins with correct nutrition, right? Be sure to add a handful to your golf bag before your next round. Available in three flavors: Original, Blueberry, and Peanut. Approx: $36 for a box of 12.



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