High Heat: Golf Gear

There are a lot of big players in the golf club business, and the competition is very fierce for golfers’ disposable income. It’s tough out there, as the closing of big box stores, NIKE exiting the club and ball biz, and the “For Sale” sign hanging on TaylorMade underline. It’s even tougher for small operations, unless you have a real game changer. Enter Dean Knuth – who just happens to have invented the Slope system for rating courses – and his High Heat.

When most folks think of high heat, they envision a little chin music from a guy like the Mets’ Noah Syndergaard. Knuth’s High Heat is up there too.

One of the reasons amateurs love his metal woods is that they are able to hit them farther and straighter. Not a bad combo. It’s because Knuth has figured out a way to make the clubfaces with Beta titanium (as opposed to the rest who use steel) that has a greater trampoline effect than steel– so the ball goes farther, even on off-center hits. And the center of gravity is lower and further back from the clubface, making it easier to get the fairway metal or hybrid shot into the air. From start to finish – which by the way is highly polished and reflective – the High Heat line is designed with the average player in mind, not the single digit or pro.

The clubs are available online at www.KnuthGolf.com. They come with a 30-day money back guarantee. Check them out and you may be bringing some high heat yourself.

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