Holiday Gift Guide 2017 – Golf Balls

By Hal Quinn

This past year, the wonderful world of golf has enjoyed an incredible bounty of new equipment and apparel designed – and almost all are the result of very high tech research and designing – to make the ancient game easier and more fun to play while allowing us to be more comfortable, protected, and at least looking better even if our scores weren’t.

For newcomers to golf and even seasoned players, choosing clubs and balls and bags and shirts and skirts can be confusing. This time of year, it can be even more difficult to navigate through all the options and select a gift for those male and female golfers on everyone’s Christmas list.

To help a bit with this annual challenge, here’s a few equipment and apparel options that really stood out this year, ones that any golfer would love to find under, or beside, the tree.

The best place to start is with the object of the entire fandango; the golf ball.

No aspect of golf has been more researched and developed, more controversial, more abused, and ultimately lost than– the ball. Incredibly, on average 300 million of the things are lost each year in the States alone. No wonder water levels are rising!

The average golfer loses a dozen a year. So, every golfer would appreciate a box.

My first choice is the Callaway Chrome Soft. One shot was all it took for me. Then this year Callaway added the Chrome Soft X which is slightly harder and goes a bit further. Either one is a great choice. Together they are the balls that changed the ball.

Another fine gift is the Bridgestone 330 Tour BX. The company holds hundreds of ball design patents– and this ball is a culmination of the best of each one. With a great ball, it’s painful when you lose one, or a dozen

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