Improve Your Balance for Golf Results

By Kathy Gildersleeve-Jensen, PGA
2014 PGA National Teacher of the Year

improve balanceOne of the main things, needing constant focus as you work on your golf game is the importance of ‘balance’. Balance is defined as ‘Physical Equilibrium’, ‘Mental and Emotional Steadiness’, or ‘The state of having your weight spread equally so you don’t fall’. You’ll look for balance in your swing and set-up posture, balance as you finish, mental and emotional balance, life balance, social balance, equipment balance, and simply balancing things in general, to attain and maintain a great state of mind.

For a couple of swing-throughs, take notice of your beginning posture and close your eyes to help strengthen your sense-memory. Take note of your heels and toes; you want to feel like you’re grounded in both. What does it feel like to maintain that balance throughout your swing? Try not to focus on hitting the ball at distance, but rather to understand your balance and points of balance that help you to secure your finish. Learn your best-balanced position at the beginning and the end of your golf swing. Find out where you are the best at your balance in your feet. After you do this, you can increase the speed of your swing, while maintaining balance at the beginning and the end. A good way to evaluate your finished balance is to either count to two (2) or until the golf ball lands. After the completed golf swing, rate your feeling of balance. Give yourself data so that you can improve.

Now you can swing as hard as you want, understanding that you need to control your balance at the end of it. Maintaining control and sticking the landing at the end is most important. When you find your own sense of personal balance and feeling of control, this process becomes easier and happens more regularly– which in turn helps you repeat your swing. As many of you already know, the hardest part of golf is repeating a golf swing. Constantly finding your best balance will prove to be a big part of repeating your golf motion and finding your own personal tempo.

While you are thinking about your ending position being in controlled balance, your body will work toward that more consistently. Be sure to hold your follow through no matter where you hit it. This will give you a clearer understanding and insight to improve your sense of balance. As you fine-tune your sense-memory to gauge your balance, the golf club will have an increasingly better chance of swinging through the golf ball in a more consistent way.

Other, equally important areas of balance are emotional and mental balance. Having a fixed and stable mental attitude is extremely important to help you solve your golf puzzle. Staying calm in every situation and finding a way to manage your emotions both help make for a great game of golf

One of the greatest golf balance training aids is the Orange Peel by the Orange Whip Golf Company. It is terrific; the Orange Peel balance board helps to create a secured balance sensation while you are making your golf swing. It also helps you to understand undulating lies and how to determine your balance in uneven positions. Check it out if you want to improve your balance quickly and get great golf results now.

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