Increase Your Distance for Better Golf Results

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAs a teacher, time and time again most people want to increase their golf distance.  It is a huge epidemic and they want the golf results now!  PGA Tour pros can average over 350 yards off the tee with their driver.  Dustin Johnson and Rory McIlroy are prime examples of the long golf ball hitters.  They are hitters not swingers, which means, they explode the golf ball off the club face effectively.  How do they do this? How can we do this?  What is the secret to increasing your distance off the tee and managing distance control approaching the greens?

There are several ways that can add yardage to your game.  Increasing distance involves a number of factors including physical abilities, swinging maximization or athletic performance, correctly fitted equipment, speed (quickness and effectiveness), training, trust and confidence, and secure balance. How do you obtain all of this at once?  Below are a couple of significant ideas for improved measurements.

With the digital technology available these days, true distance measurement can be extremely accurate.  Taking golf lessons is a bonus.  Understanding and implementing the proper sequence of events in your swing such as loading up properly, core coil and uncoil, using the right muscles to maintain support and balance, and perhaps most importantly, coordinating everything in a uniform pattern.  In addition, properly fitted equipment in conjunction with your improved swing process means you’re ready for action.

Other ways to increase your speed at impact for increased distance are using training practice tools.   One that I have found extremely helpful in helping increase my swing speed is the ‘Golf Chute by Chute Trainer’.  The Golf Chute is a wind resistance parachute-like golf training tool that has a hook that snaps onto any golf club shaft.  It is extremely lightweight, portable, and every one of all ages can use it.  The Golf Chute produces enough natural wind resistance to keep the club head from coming out of the shot too soon.  Check out the Golf Chute Video for a better explanation.  My website Golf Results Now has plenty of information to increase your distance as well.

If you’re looking to hit the ball farther and shave strokes off your game, or you’re looking for that perfect golf gift for the golfer in your life, take a look at the Golf Chute.  The Golf Chute is great for loosening up before you practice.  Even in the off season, the Golf Chute will maintain consistency of your golf swing.  You will be amazed at your increased swing speed.  Have fun hitting the golf ball farther!

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