• Golf Gear

    Never too late to look at a new set of irons right?

    By Hal Quinn There is probably not a golfer dead or alive who did not believe in alchemy, that one shining day when their leaden swipe would be transformed into golfing gold. Well, the forgers and casters of golf’s thaumaturgy [...]
  • Golf Gear

    Sunmountain Leads the Way this Holiday Season

    By Hal Quinn Air travel used to be fun. Rambling around with a golf bag has never been fun. But thanks to the Sun Mountain Club Glider, it’s easy. Glide really is the operative word. The legs extend to take [...]
  • Golf Gear

    Golf Apparel make Great Stocking Stuffers

    By Hal Quinn Of course, clothes don’t make the golfer.  But if the weather turns, clothes sure can make a person feel better.  And the right clothes can certainly make you look good in selfies. Another nice thing about the [...]
  • Golf Gear

    Rangefinders Make Great Holiday Gifts

    By Hal Quinn Of course, it’s all well and good to hit a great ball with a new driver and see its lovely flight. But once you get all that long way down the fairway, you have to figure out [...]
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  • Fall In!

    October 2, 2017 0
    By Tony Dear The golf season isn’t over yet. The heat may be on the [...]