Never too late to look at a new set of irons right?

By Hal Quinn

There is probably not a golfer dead or alive who did not believe in alchemy, that one shining day when their leaden swipe would be transformed into golfing gold.

Well, the forgers and casters of golf’s thaumaturgy (I Googled it) once again outdid their forebears (the olde 2016 guys) with irons that introduce a newer new age to how an innocent golf ball responds to being violently struck.

For the gift giver this is the ultimate tipping point – it’s not about how much I love this person, how long you’re going to be together, are we going to be together, do they clean up the bathroom – none of that. Focus. This is all about gifting the best instrument to get your loved one on the green, or thereabouts.

To that end, the technological offerings on hand for gifting this Christmas have never been so…well, so good.

Who ever said: “It’s not rocket science” wasn’t talking about the games new irons. It is total technology and it’s space age.

Same goes for putters (the most personal of clubs) and wedges (the second most personal).

All of the 2017 irons/wedges/putters when wrapped with a club fitting session will make any golfer’s 2018 season brighter.

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