Arnie’s Incredible Pacific Northwest Legacy, Holiday Gifts, Good Health, and More!

By Cameron Healey

While it has been a month since the legendary Arnold Palmer passed away at age 87, the stark reality of his absence is still a difficult one to accept. He had such a positive effect on everyone– golfers and non-golfers alike. I’d like to acknowledge and celebrate “Arnie’s” lasting legacy this month by dedicating our cover story to his influence on the Pacific Northwest (and that does include British Columbia!). Contributing writer Tony Dear has penned a wonderful tribute to Palmer’s lasting footprint in the region with his piece “The King in Our Own Backyard.” Tony explores the stories behind the half-dozen 18-hole courses created by Palmer and his design company in the Northwest– and there is no shortage of entertaining, often humorous anecdotes about the man who treated everyone with respect. And, I would wager that most of you have gladly walked the fairways of some, if not all, of the regional courses that feature his brand plate. Do you have a favorite?

Arnold Palmer during the grand opening of Running Y Ranch Golf Course, 1997

Looking for that golf gift that just hits the right spot? We’ve got you covered. From new shoes and winter apparel to new clubs, we’ve come up with a number of solid options to meet the needs of the golfer in your life in our Holiday Gift Guide. Check it out!

Also worthy of note, regular contributor Cliff Cowley explores the GPS Launch Pro golf app, designed by our very own Bob Duncan. This app helps predict ball flight based on the simple premise that not all lies are perfect. The Golfer Positioning System or G P S is an accelerated on-course learning system, designed to bring out your best golf on the golf course as opposed to the driving range. Bob has always been a big proponent for giving lessons on the golf course as opposed to the driving range. With this in mind, he has developed a terrific app to help you improve your game. I think he’s on to something here.

Nutrition guru Cate Ritter provides us with a reminder that apples are an Autumn superfood and can be instrumental to maintaining good health. I like the idea of spending more time on the golf course swinging the sticks then stuck in bed dealing with the winter sniffles or flu. Good nutrition is key to good health.

Speaking of good health; overall fitness and flexibility is just as important to keeping your body in tip-top shape. Regular fitness contributor Doctor Harry Sese (aka “The Golfing Doc”) responds to a reader’s question about how best to use a medicine ball to help increase strength and flexibility in his column titled “Top Three Medicine Ball Exercises to Build Power and Distance.”

And, of course, we continue our focus on recognizing and embracing the development and achievement of our region’s best Washington and Oregon junior golfers. This month we introduce you to Oregon’s Johnny Miller and Washington’s Katelan Soth.

There is something for everyone in the November issue of Golf Today Northwest digital magazine. Enjoy and share! And if you have a story idea or just want to tell us about your recent low round, ace, or other golf-related story, please email me at Cheers!

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