Q & A with Kevin Geniza

Kevin Geniza

Corvallis, OR

Handicap: +2.1

Kevin Geniza. Photo courtesy OJGA

1) When did you begin playing golf and how did you learn?

I would come out and chip and putt with my brothers around 5 or 6 years old, but I really started playing and competing at 8. My father brought me up in the game. Most, if not all, of my fundamentals were learned from him.

2) Tell me about one of your most treasured lessons on the golf course.

One of my most treasured lessons on the golf course would have to be on having the right attitude. I found through my playing experience that having the right attitude helps you finish, especially under pressure.

3) What have you learned about yourself through the game of golf?

I learned that I am perseverant and that I have the ability to focus without distractions.

4) What do you enjoy most about the game of golf?

I really enjoy what the game of golf has taught me as a golfer, a competitor, and as a person. There is always a valuable lesson to take away from each day of golf.

5) What are your plans for after high school?

I plan to study business and play college golf at Santa Clara University. My dream goal is to play professionally, but the business degree will come first.

6) What advice would you give beginning golfers looking to take up the sport?

To all beginning golfers: Golf is the greatest game ever played. Work hard and enjoy what you gain from it. And never forget to smile.

7) What has been the greatest lesson you have learned by participating in Oregon Junior Golf?

Integrity is by far the greatest lesson that my playing experience in Oregon Junior Golf has taught me; to always be honest to your competitors, and to always be honest with yourself.

8) What is your favorite golf course in the Pacific Northwest?

My favorite course that I have played in the Pacific Northwest would have to be Riverside Golf and Country Club. There is so much history there, being the host course of the Hogan Cup for nearly 50 years, and I’ve always enjoyed the challenge of tree-lined courses, they’re pleasing to my eye.

9) What has been the highlight of your golf career?

I’ve had much success throughout my junior golf career, but I would have to say the highlight, by far, was when my whole family came to watch my final round of junior golf with the OGA in the 47th Hogan Cup. They’re always busy with their own schedules, but how they found the time to come and support me was unbelievable. Definitely a moment I will remember as one of my favorites.

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