Q & A with Ryan Maine

Ryan Maine

1) I started playing golf when I was six years old, I learned from my dad teaching me, and also watching my older brother and sister play. I started playing in tournaments, WJGA, when I was eight years old.

2) The biggest lesson that I have learned in golf is to never cheat. When I was 9 years old I remember playing in a tournament and on the last hole I accidentally played the wrong ball. Instead of saying something I just finished my round, and then I told my parents and then after told rules officials and got DQ’d.

3) I have learned that I have to work extremely hard and put in a lot of time if I want to achieve my goals.

4) What I enjoy the most about golf is spending time with friends and family while I’m playing. My brother, sister and Dad all play, and I have met a lot of great friends through playing in tournaments

5) Next year I will be attending Washington State to play golf. I have not decided what I want to major in, but I want to play professionally after I finish college.

6) The biggest advice I have is to play as much as you can. Whenever you have the chance to practice, play a round, or play in a tournament take advantage of it, because if you want to be good it takes a lot of time.

7) The biggest lesson I’ve learned playing WJGA is how to treat people. All of the people who are involved with WJGA are great people and seeing that since a young age has taught me how I need to act not just on the course, but off the course too.

8) My favorite course in the Pacific Northwest would be Wine Valley. The fairways are pretty wide and allow you to get after some of your drives. Also, the greens are always in great shape and require you to use your imagination when your putting and also on your approach shots.

9) The highlight of my career is Junior America’s Cup last year. It was the most fun event I have played in because it was a team event and I got to travel to Guadalajara to play. But, being able to win the event as a team and ¬†winning the event as an individual made the it one that I will remember forever.

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