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scottyGOLF-minScotty Kennon
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When did you begin golf and how did you start?
I started golfing when I was 3. I had a set of Snoopy clubs and my dad would take me onto the range to hit balls and putt. I started getting out on the course when I was about 5 and started tournaments when I was 8.

Tell me about one of your most treasured experiences on the golf course.
One of my most treasured experiences on the golf course was watching my 9-year-old sister get her second hole in one. It was really cool to see her so excited about playing golf.

What have you learned about yourself through golf?
I have learned that I enjoy competing at a high level and working hard to achieve my goals.

What do you enjoy the most about golf?
I enjoy the diversity of the game the most. You will never have two rounds of golf that are the same. The course and the conditions are always changing. I enjoy the challenge of the changes.

What are your plans for after high school?
I plan to play Division I golf, hopefully for the Oregon Ducks or Stanford.

What advice would you give beginning golfers?
The best advice I could give to a beginning golfer is to love the game. If you love the game, work hard, and the skill will follow.

What has been the greatest lesson you’ve learned from OGA?
The greatest lessons I’ve learned from OGA are Honesty and Sportsmanship. Playing junior golf has taught me many great lessons about what it means to be a good sport and enjoy the competition.

What is your favorite golf course in the Northwest?
My favorite golf course in the Northwest is either Bandon Trails or Bandon Crossings.

What has been the highlight of your junior golf career?
There are two competing highlights of my junior career so far. The first one was winning my age group at the Oregon Jr. Amateur along with my brother; the second is winning the Centennial Jr. Championship with a two round total of 9 under par.

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