Q&A with Brian Humphreys



Brian Humphreys, Oregon Junior Golf

Brian Humphreys

Washougal, Wash

Handicap +1.6

1. When did you begin playing golf and how did you learn

When I was eight my dad bought me a set of clubs for Christmas, thinking I would like golf because I played pretty much every other sport. He took me to the range and taught me the basic fundamentals for about six months before he took me out on the course. But I loved it from the start.

2. Tell me about one of your most treasured lessons on the golf course?

My most treasured lesson on the course is that golf is a game, and it’s meant to be played. It almost never turns out exactly the way you planned it, but you just make the best of each shot and continue.

3. What have you learned about yourself through the game of golf?

Golf has taught me that I am resilient and dedicated when I set my mind to a goal.

4. What do you enjoy the most about the game of golf?

Golf is the most difficult sport I have ever played and it’s played alone. For these reasons, it is extremely gratifying because it requires constant effort and self-assurance.

5. What are your plans after high school?

I would like to play college golf so I can continue to compete while getting an education.

6. What advice would you give beginning golfers looking to take up the sport?

I would tell beginning golfers to always remember that having fun is the most important part. It’s easy to focus on the score or results and forget why you started in the first place, especially when you start improving and playing competitively.

7. What has been the greatest lesson you learned by participating in Oregon Junior Golf?

OGA has taught me the value of integrity. It has also taught me to be grateful for the many opportunities I receive, particularly those that the association has provided me with.

8. What is your favorite golf course in the Pacific NW?

My favorite Pacific Northwest course is Juniper. It is the fairest course I have ever played. Juniper is also my sentimental favorite because it is one of the first courses I broke 70 on.

9. What has been the highlight of your golf career?

The highlight of my golf career would either be representing Oregon at the 2013 Junior Americas Cup in Maui or having the opportunity to attend the Masters earlier this year.

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