SideKick Caddy

There are certain things that have happened to every cart-riding golfer—some repeatedly—during a round of golf. In no order, they include: losing a club, finding a club, getting to the fairway or greenside with the wrong club, laying a club down on dew or rain-laden grass and getting the grip soaked, laying a club down and getting the grip a fine coating of fertilizer or weed killer, and bending over to pick up a club and enjoying the effort less and less as the round devolves.

With so many new courses designed for riders not walkers, and with so many holes as ‘cart path only’, the saunter into the fairway (or rough, or woods) or to the greenside bunker or fringe is now more often with a light selection of possible weapons. Sometimes I feel like a Puetz golf rep.

For as long as I can remember, I’ve always carried a big white towel on such excursions to comfort the grips of my excess clubs and cover them up if necessary. Judging from what my playing partners were doing over the last few dozen rounds, I’m still in the minority. But the Bronwyck company of Lake Tapps, WA., has the ideal solution for all those guys without towels, and for a lot of other golfers. It’s one I like, too.

Mark Remington came up with an idea that is so efficient and helpful for cart golfers, senior golfers, or any golfer with back issues, that you’re left wondering why Old Tom Morris didn’t have a SideKick Caddy.

Essentially, it’s a feather-light device that fits easily into your bag that you pull out as you select your variety of club options heading to the fairway or green. Assessing your career and life-changing shot from the fairway, or bunker, or greenside fringe or trap, you pause and foot-press the SideKick Caddy into the turf and rest all those clubs you, in your wisdom, have decided not to use. There they stand, resting on the SideKick rather than in the wet or the muck or the chemicals.

At the end of the round, your back isn’t hurting nearly as much as usual, the grips aren’t wet, and you can leave the course and just drive right by that ‘Towels on Sale’ sign. That’s a win.

You can find them, in seven colors—one’s gotta go with Dad’s bag—at or, and Puetz Golf Superstores.

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