Skype “Live” Internet Golf Lessons

By Kathy Gildersleeve-Jensen, PGA

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe ability to provide a professional golf instructor to golfers in their very home will revolutionize the golfing world.  Ultimately, the goal is to bring a  professional golf instructor into every home.  Having the expertise of a golf professional communicating and teaching directly with the golfer through “live” online sessions in the comforts of their own home or office is a powerful tool.  Utilizing the Skype for analysis and comparison creates many benefits for golfers anywhere in the world.  This is accomplished by providing solutions and tips to golfers customized to their personalized swing.  In addition, Skype allows this type of custom approach to be more convenient and inexpensive compared to traditional golf lessons.

Golf lessons are an indispensable part of learning the great game of golf.  Unfortunately, amateurs seem to take a lion share of their advice from fellow golfers while never seeking out the assistance of golf professionals.  There are plenty of reasons as to why this is may be the case, such as the high cost or possibly the intimidation of getting lessons from a golf professional.  In response to this, amateurs have flocked to golf software and technology on the web for their golf lessons.  These learning vehicles have proven to be more accessible and inexpensive than their traditional counterparts.  The “Live” process takes golf lessons to another level with personalization that is not possible with other learning tools.

Even in remote areas of the world, golfers can receive proper instruction from a respected teacher without having to travel a long distance.  Golfers can take lessons online over a Skype-like program and send videos of their swing to an expert for analysis through the website or even a mobile app. Many golfers prefer the face-to-face learning environment.  Being able to learn from the convenience of your own home is a truly remarkable breakthrough for the industry.  Another benefit to these “Live” programs is it saves a recorded video of the lesson, which the player can review at a later date.

The necessary equipment is very basic, and most households have these items:

  • PC or laptop
  • Webcam capabilities
  • Cell phone
  • Internet

The main benefits are affordability, ease of scheduling and unlimited locations.  In addition, there are no restrictions for”seasonal” daylight hours, and weather issues are obsolete; meaning cancelations are reduced.

The system works as follows:

  • Sign up on website
  • Take a video of your golf swing and upload it into the program or on the GCD mobile app
  • Look for a coach from the variety of golf professionals’ profiles that might fit your needs
  • Request a convenient time, then the coach will reply and confirm the time of the requested appointment.
  • Before the lesson, the instructor views your swing in advance to help plan out the customized solution
  • At the appointment time, the instructor and you connect “Live” on three separate screens.  The bigger screen records the lesson. The other two smaller viewable screens are of the instructor and the other for the golfer to communicate “Live” directly over the Internet.
  • The comparison analysis begins with your video, which the instructor can explain “Live” and directly with split screens and drawings like we see on TV. The instructor has a library of professional golfers’ swings to help with the explanations to solve the swing or game issues that need to be addressed in the lesson.
  • For a timed 10 minutes of live interaction, there are another additional 5 minutes that can be used for further explanation on the phone.
  • When the lessons are disconnected, the instructor can input several comments or drill suggestions onto the saved recorded screens, and then post for you to review anytime in their file.

This whole process takes approximately 10-20 minutes total.  The cost to the consumer ranges from $20-$40 on the average.

For specifics, check out,

My experience from working with this concept over the past three years gives me joy to know the game will expand to all areas of the world.  I have been meeting players I would NEVER have met before in my life all over and anywhere!  It puts a sense of worth back into the game knowing I can touch lives and experiences.

Other industries are using Skype “Live” lessons as a means to grow the expansion of their passion from long distances throughout the world.  Golf is being changed through better communication discoveries.   These enhancements are available to anyone, anywhere, anytime.  On top of that, these “live” online lessons are affordable, and come with a personal golf professional as your expert!  What a brilliant concept!

Kathy Gildersleeve-Jensen, PGA is the PNW PGA Section Golf “Teacher of the Year” 2012. She can be reached at