SS17_Sligo_Thirteen-polo-and-Acadia-pant-The County Sligo Golf Club is one of Northwest Ireland’s many treasures. On the second tee, the view of the course, the bays, and the North Atlantic beyond, make you want to put down your bag, pull out a blanket, and have a picnic, right there. And you’d be tempted to stay a long while.

That view comes to mind when I take out one of my half dozen Sligo (Sly-Go) shirts, which I do for most rounds. Shawn Aucoin (a very nice guy) and a couple of buddies started making Sligo apparel because they couldn’t find men’s golf clothes that were both comfortable and fashionable. Well, they changed that.

A few years ago, I tried to help Shawn get the word out about Sligo. The Sligo message needed to be about the comfort. It’s ridiculous, for some reason he and his pals figured out the right cuts and fabrics to make a man’s golf shirt feel like a freaking silk bathrobe. Combine that with exciting and sometimes wild, innovative designs that have the people I live with, and even people I play golf with, saying: “Whoa, great shirt.”

I have kept in touch with Shawn. And it was great (and not surprising at all) to hear that his 2017 Spring Collection is as cool as all his others. It’s not to be missed that Sligo gear is very subtly coordinated. A splash of grey in the shirt matches the pants (or shorts); a splash of black connects with the belt. What is very cool; if you have three Sligo shirts and three Sligo pants or shorts, then you’ve got easy mixing and matching– enough for a long road trip.

The 2017 Spring stuff is great. I even like the names he comes up with, like “Drake”. Who’d ever expect an Ontario-based former golf pro, turned designer, to name a collection after a Toronto rapper.

The Sligo shirts, pants, and shorts (they have belts and watches and stuff too, but let’s start with the basics) are so stylish that my wife and daughters approve. It’s worth your while to go to

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