Spotlight on Oregon Junior Golf Volunteers

The LPGA is in town (August 31-September 3) and this spotlight is on the 200 Oregon Junior Golfers, their families, and friends, who come together and support Oregon Junior Golf by volunteering their time at Columbia Edgewater CC in Portland, Ore. This is the LPGA Cambia Portland Classic, now in its 46th year this championship attracts 144 of the top LPGA women in the world. Every year, Oregon Junior Golfers volunteer as standard bearers, carrying the over/under boards and walking inside the rope learning from top professional athletes!

oregon junior golf volunteer

Some juniors volunteer for single shifts (18-holes), while others commit all four days, some walking 36 holes in one day! This volunteer opportunity is also a way for juniors to participate in the Cambia Walking Challenge, tracking their steps and seeing how many miles are logged after a round of golf!

To all the Oregon Junior Golfers who volunteered their time to make the LPGA Portland Classic a great success, thank you!

Oregon Junior Golf volunteers - father and son

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