You still need sunglasses in winter golfers!

By Hal Quinn

Great to be able to nail it with a new driver, but you gotta see it. As LPGA Tour star Paula Creamer said a few years ago, it amazed her that all the players on the LPGA Tour wore sunscreen to protect their skin, but they all didn’t protect their eyes. We know that the sun’s rays can damage our eyes, but True Blue eyewear takes protection many steps further with a breakthrough lens that also filters extremely harmful blue light (True Blue glasses are also available for protection indoors from blue light from computer screens, Hi-Def TVs, smart phones etc.) for the ultimate in eye protection on and off the course. Every golfer on your list should protect their eyes with sunglasses. What caught our eye in 2017 is True Blue.

Creamer has worked with Sundog Eyewear for many years designing her own fashion-forward line. The protection is incomparable, the men’s and women’s styles very cool, the pricing amazing.

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