The Golfing Doc: Pushups

October 3, 2016 0

“Dear, The Golfing Doc; I’m 45 years old and have been doing pushups daily since I was about 15 years old. Over the past year, the front of my shoulders have been getting more and […]

Build Your Own Team

April 4, 2016 0

“Dear ‘The Golfing Doc’; I know you work with several PGA Tour players and you mentioned that most of the top players in the world now have teams that work with them. What kind of […]

Better Balance and Better Golf

February 22, 2016 0

“Dear, The Golfing Doc; My balance is not very good. It’s starting to affect my golf swing. How can I improve my balance? Thank you. Fred C., Redmond, WA” The term balance can refer to […]

Should You Carry Your Golf Bag?

November 3, 2015 0

“Dear, ‘The Golfing Doc’; is it better to carry my golf bag or to use a push cart? Or is it better to ride a golf cart? Thanks for the help. Hank C., Woodinville, WA”. […]

Tips to Stay Warm This Fall!

October 25, 2015 0

“Dear The Golfing Doc. Do you have any recommendations on how to stay warm during these colder months? My lower back really gets stiff when I’m playing in colder weather. Thanks. George A., Redmond, WA.” […]

Is Golf giving you a Headache?

September 14, 2015 0

“Dear The Golfing Doc. I need some help with headaches. I sometimes get headaches simply from my bad playing but I do get real headaches when I play. It tends to happen more often when […]

Suffering from a “Flying Elbow”?

July 31, 2015 0

“Dear The Golfing Doc. I’m having a tough time keeping my elbow in the right position during my backswing. It keeps flaring out and upward so I can’t really set my club in the right […]

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