10 Rounds with the Sentio Sierra 101

October 11, 2016 0

By Ed Travis Club makers use words like NEW, AMAZING, THE LATEST, etc. to promote their clubs and putters are no exception. When I first saw the Sierra 101 from Sentio and talked with Jim […]

A Fearless Ryder Cup Prediction

September 1, 2016 0

By ED TRAVIS OK, here it is right at the top…the USA will win the Ryder Cup going away thus restoring both team pride and the Cup to these shores after what, as my English […]

One Less Slice to the Pie

August 5, 2016 0

By Ed Travis The golf equipment industry is evaluating the potential effects of Nike Golf announcing Aug. 3 it would getting out of the club, ball and bag business to concentrate on its golf apparel […]

High Heat 3-wood & Hybrid

July 25, 2016 0

By ED TRAVIS There have been few startup manufacturers whose clubs have received as much attention and praise as the High Heat driver introduced last year by Knuth Golf. Golfers took to the High Heat […]

TGA Expands Into Clubs

July 18, 2016 0

By Ed Travis Joshua Jacobs is on a mission and the mission is to introduce children to golf. For a dozen years he and his company TGA Premier Junior Golf have been doing just that […]

10 Rounds With the Cobra F6 Baffler

May 17, 2016 0

By ED TRAVIS Time flies and if you’re of the age to remember Cobra’s Baffler has been around since 1975. Granted the Baffler name has been applied to every type of club in the bag […]

Ode to a One Iron

May 10, 2016 0

By ED TRAVIS Last weekend a buddy invited me to play golf at a nearby course we both enjoy. It’s not especially long nor tight and has relatively few acres of sand and water but […]

Titleist NXT Tour & NXT Tour S

April 20, 2016 0

By ED TRAVIS Every golfer knows the Pro V1 and Prov1x are flagships for the Titleist brand. Because of their performance they are number one in sales and at the same time the most expensive […]

Sean Toulon of Toulon Design

February 24, 2016 0

By ED TRAVIS Retiring last July after 16 years with TaylorMade Golf, his most recent position being Executive Vice President of Product Creation, Sean Toulon says he gave retirement six whole days and then knew […]

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