10 Summer Fruits To Savor

December 2, 2014 0

Pleasing for even the pickiest of eaters, fruits provide a healthier sweet-tooth-satisfying alternative to processed desserts. Listed below are ten fruits to help you beat the heat while enjoying a delicious treat. Although these fruits […]

Victory Veggie Recipes

December 1, 2014 0

Power your performance on the course by eating more greens. Cabbage family vegetables in particular are a great way to boost your nutrient intake with fiber, vitamins, minerals and phytochemicals. By including two cups or […]

Nutrition: 10 Tasty Fall Foods

December 1, 2014 0

From apples to sweet potatoes, autumn’s beautiful bounty of fruits and vegetables offer a wide variety of delicious flavors and tantalizing textures to enjoy this time of year. These seasonal foods are the perfect excuse […]

Post-Round Salad Sensations

December 1, 2014 0

By Cate Ritter Tossing around ideas for your post-round meal? Summer salads can be a great source of nutrients that keep you satisfied and energized without leaving you feeling overly full or fatigued. Most salads […]

Use the Golf Scorecard to Improve Your Score

November 1, 2014 0

Scoring in golf is simple:  The lowest score wins.  The scorecard is to keep score, data, and statistics for an individual or group.  The scorecard is a numbers formula towards playing all kinds of various […]

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