What’s the Hype in The Golf Industry?

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERABy Kathy Gildersleeve-Jensen, PGA
2014 PGA National Teacher of the Year

Golf has officially kicked off its 2017 season. So, what’s all the hype in the golf industry this year? What are some latest and greatest items hitting the market? Read on to learn about some of my favorites for the 2017 golf season.

To kick off the golf season, Tiger Woods is trying to make his PGA Tour schedule robust. Personally, I believe it is good for the game. In fact, any chatter that makes more people talk about the game of golf is fantastic. His swing looks great, as does his confidence. His clubs of choice right now are TaylorMade, which immediately made their stock soar. Get ready folks; whether good or bad, he is back and we want to watch!

We’ve also started the 2017 golf season off with some very low numbers. Two 59’s within 10 days of the PGA Tour is terrific! Technology and a better understanding of the game are key components in playing towards the higher percentages and maximizing a person’s strengths to obtain lower numbers. Never thought we’d see a 58 (Jim Furyk). Are we going to see lower? In the past, I’d say no. Now my thoughts have evolved– like technology, golf balls, gauging, and executing distances. Yes, distances! Distance Control has improved dramatically– as has our ability to understand how the golf ball reacts when it lands. This information can be magical for a Tour Player. They say that 54 is a perfect score for golf by having a birdie every hole for eighteen holes in regulation. Can they do this? Absolutely! The scenario must be perfect. But then again, we all know golf isn’t perfect.

The PGA Merchandise Show has its big event at the end of January in Orlando, FL. This is also a great way to kick off the 2017 season. The show has equipment, accessories, clothing, educational opportunities, technology, travel, media, celebrities, and a vast array of golf-related experiences and items to make your head spin! Think of it as a playground for golf enthusiasts; a place where deals are made and products make their way into golf shops and stores.

I recently endorsed a product this year that I, personally, find amazing (and fun)! It is called GoGolf GPS! GoGolf GPS is the smallest, lightest, audible, Bluetooth golf GPS rangefinder unit for golfers on the market! Now, this is cool, really! “GoGolf GPS is a small and stylish portable voice-guided GPS rangefinder that really goes the distance, telling precisely how far a golfer is from the center of the green for each shot. Paired with the FreeCaddie Audio app, via Bluetooth, it provides audible rangefinder readouts to the center of the green.” It attaches to glasses, visors, or caps. It’s got no wires, it’s lightweight, and it’s water resistant. No more guessing. Tap the side of the GoGolf GPS for direct distance. Even if you forget your GoGolf GPS unit, don’t worry. You can also use the app on your phone anytime. No need to find or keep your hands steady viewing through a lens, the GoGolf GPS is with you! In turn, this gadget will help speed up play by helping you make quicker decisions.

The FreeCaddie Audio App is the engine of the software for the GoGolf GPS. The software includes more than 30,000 golf courses and the most accurate golf GPS in the world! In addition, the app has other features: distances to the center, back and front of the greens, and other markers like bunkers, hazards, and doglegs. It also includes the Easy Golf Course Finder and is available for Android and iPhone. Check it out at: http://www.GoGolfGPS.com.

So far, this is a great start to an exciting season for Golf Results NOW. If everyone keeps swinging and can bring others into– or back into– the game, then it will be even more fun!

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