Why The 2015 U.S. Open Made Golf Cool Again

KGJ-273x300Since the 2015 U.S. Open was held at Chambers Bay, things are still buzzing about this particularly amazing event.  Not only long-time lovers of the game of golf, but also those who have never played, are talking about this US Open.  People were locked into their anticipation of the event, and clearly excited when it finally arrived.  Of course, there were many opinions expressed during the course of the event, and now that the tournament is finished, it’s time to discuss the results.  The 2015 U.S. Open had triumphs and disappointments; but mostly it had that ‘Wow’ factor we were hoping for.

Spending a couple of days there was a tremendous experience.  Attending a Major Championship was definitely one off of my ‘Golf Bucket List’.  Located in Washington State, it was a must for me to attend.  On practice day; we spent a lot of time around the practice area.  Observing the players working on their swings and game plans, while also watching coaches as they helped to fine-tune their players’ mindsets was a thrill to watch.  Players are treated like golf royalty, practicing with ‘custom’ golf balls designed by their particular sponsors.

During the practice round, the caddies and players tested out different situations on the magnificent golf course. The players took several shots during their round, then they made detailed notes toward their plan of attack for the official tournament.  It was great to see how they mapped out the course, demonstrating something that everyone who plays competitively should also do when preparing for an event.

This particular USGA event will go down in history for many reasons.  It was full of controversy, drama, action, and a variety of mixed emotions.  What the U.S. Open did so successfully this year was cast a strong spotlight on the sport of golf.  People of all sorts are watching the game more.  The winner, Jordan Speith, is truly wonderful for the game— especially for youth and young adults who now want to try this game for the first time.  It will definitely grow the game of golf.  Chambers Bay challenged the PGA Tour Players, Amateurs and World Tour Players to use all of their strength, mental toughness, patience, and physical endurance.  For all these reasons, golf is in a terrific place for a healthy future.

This event created massive attention throughout the world.  While it was a typical scenario for a golf event held by the USGA, it isn’t your typical Pacific Northwest golf course.  The USGA heard the murmurs, and there will, no doubt, be some adjustments in the future to make it grander.  Hopefully, they will return.

The golf results are in and Jordan Speith prevailed as the Champion.  The Grand Slam of golf is now attainable.  Jordan is the Champion of the Masters and the U.S. Open.  He will continue to be watched by all to see if he can win The Open in July at St. Andrews and also the PGA Championship at Whistling Straits in August.  Time will tell; competitors will work extra hard to win.  The hype about what is going to happen next and who will win the subsequent two Major Championships will be worth the chatter.  There is certainly more excitement to come.  I already love golf… and now I love the game even more.  If you are looking for immediate golf results; get out and play, map out the course and challenge yourself…Golf is Cool!

Kathy Gildersleeve-Jensen,  is the PGA 2014 PGA National Teacher of the Year. Please check out her new website www.golfresultsnow.com.

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